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Your meeting tool for improved engagement and alignment

Nilo is an easy-to-use workshop tool that helps you make more informed business decisions through engagement and consensus

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Make better decisions faster

Nilo allows you to work effortlessly from idea to decision in a structured process that you decide

Explore a topic.png
Explore a topic
  • Gather ideas from your participants such as challenges, solutions, risks and more

  • Work efficiently remote and on-site – Nilo allows everyone to contribute

  • Anonymity ensures that everyone feels safe to share

Structure ideas.png
Structure ideas
  • Structure related ideas into groups to make them easy to work with 

  • Group large amounts of ideas in no time with a crowdsourced activity

  • Each group is assigned a unique color that remain during the following activities to more easily distinguish which ideas belong together

Prioritize and decide.png
Make aligned decisions
  • Evaluate your ideas using sophisticated evaluation methods. You decide what parameters to use

  • Find the most prioritised ideas according to the group. All participants take part in evaluating each idea

  • The result is visualised beautifully and gives a good basis for discussion and decision

Measure progress
Measure performance
  • Measure key metrics over time to keep track of progress

  • Visualise the results in graphs

  • Highlight progress or regression so you can take appropriate action in time

Explore a topic screen.png

Explore a topic

Brainstorm and develop ideas 

Structure ideas

Create clusters of related ideas

Make aligned decision

Evaluate and visualise the results 

Measure progress

Measure key metrics over time

How to use Nilo in your meetings

In Nilo, you work in different activities designed to maximize collaboration, engagement and output. Brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, plan implementation, identify challenges and much more. Nilo gives you the freedom to decide.

Build your own session
Build your own session

Create your own, customized session in Nilo that fits the purpose of your meeting.

Workshop templates
Use one of our templates

Try one of our templates based on best-practice methodology. We have templates for risk analysis, project initiation, strategic planning and more. You can make edits or use them as they are.

Invite participants.png
Invite participants

Invite participants easily with email or link and start collaborating.

Export results
Export the results

With the click of a button, you have all the results beautifully visualized in a spreadsheet or a .csv-file, ready for import in tools such as Jira.

Get started with a template

If you need inspiration or are unsure how to set up your meeting, we have designed templates for popular use-cases based on best-practice. Use them as they are or make adjustments to better fit your needs.

Risk analysis icon.png

Risk analysis

Risk analysis icon.png
Define agile backlog icon.png

Define agile backlog

Define agile backlog icon.png
Strategic planning icon.png

Strategic planning

Strategic planning icon.png
SWOT analysis icon.png

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis icon.png
Retrospective icon.png


Retrospective icon.png


Change initiation icon.png
Change initiation icon.png

Change initiation

Implementation plan icon.png

Implementation plan

Implementation plan icon.png
Business Plan

Nilo helps you make the most of your business knowledge

Nilo allows your organization to standardize your processes, frameworks and models in Nilo to help internalize ways of working across the entire organization and improve quality and business value.


By creating templates in Nilo for your ways of working and sharing them internally, you can ensure that all employees follow company practices and deliver maximum value.

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