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Run meetings like a Pro

Reach your desired outcomes, in less time and with greater quality.

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Facilitate success with Nilo

Nilo is a meeting facilitation tool that helps you go from question to action by quickly gathering the groups input and prioritising it to find the key insights. 


Administrate less, facilitate more

Crowdsourcing activities boost engagement & improves quality

Independent evaluation & prioritisation ensure focus

Visualisation of results create transparency

Automatic data compilation saves you lots of time

Turn complexity into clarity and action

Nilo comes with powerful collaboration features such as structured crowdsourcing, ratings and assessments that allow you to solve any problem in an easy and structured manner. 


Explore any topic in-depth by gathering, developing and breaking down input. 

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Your ways of working,
digitally enhanced

You have the knowledge, the experience and your processes and frameworks that you use in your daily work – we have the research and technology to support you in implementing it.

Nilo enables you to digitise your ways of working and deploy it in meetings with significantly improved effectiveness and efficiency to enable stronger business outcomes.

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Create more value for your organisation

Nilo helps you leverage the collective intelligence in your meetings to improve engagement and decision-making, resulting in more informed business decisions with less resources.


Give everyone a voice in the decision-making process


Make the right decisions by increasing knowledge-sharing


Consensus decisions drive alignment and buy-in


Spend less time on facilitation and more time on listening

Designed for your ways of working

Accelerate analysis, planning and execution through structured collaboration and prioritisation that ensure you focus your efforts on what truly matters.


Develop a new strategy for your business with a vision, goals and a strategic plan for implementation. 


Leverage your organisation’s collective intelligence

Use Nilo to involve more people in the decision-making process to improve employee engagement and transparency, and bridge the gap between strategy and execution so you can deliver stronger outcomes faster.


Your ways of working,
digitally enhanced

It's free, no credit card required

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