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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us and we do our best to handle your data in a secure way. This privacy policy describes who we collect data from, what data we collect, how we process your data and how long the data is stored.

Who do we collect data from


We collect data differently depending on how you interact with us:

  • User – someone who has signed up for an account with Nilo Collaborations for either a Paid Version or a Free Version

  • Participant – someone who joins a Session in Nilo

  • Visitor – someone who visits any of our Websites, sends us emails or in any other way interacts with us or uses parts of our Services without having signed up with Nilo Collaborations.

What data do we collect


We collect the following data depending on who you are:


  • Contact information – Your name, email address and billing address.

  • Interaction Information – information on how you use the Services and your system activities such as dates, times, and details of log-on and log-off, as well as information on your history with Nilo Collaborations, technical data such as page response times, download errors, personal preferences, your interactions with customer service, etc. 

  • Device Information – your IP address, user agent, browser settings, operating system and screen resolution.

  • Additional Information – Other information submitted by you to our Websites or  otherwise communicate with Nilo Collaborations.

  • Cookie information – See our Cookie Policy for more information.


Unless you have an Enterprise-licens, in which case your organisation acts as our customer, you are liable for personal data submitted by you in Sessions or by participants in their interaction with your Sessions. Nilo Collaborations will only store such personal data to the extent provided and as a result of your use of the Application.

How we process your data


Contact and Device information

- Set up account

- Logging into account

- Send you invoices

Contact, Device and Additional information

- Communicate with you

- Provide support

Contact, Interaction, Device and Cookie information

- Monitor incidents to detect errors and troubleshoot the Services

Cookie information

- Provide security measures

Contact and Additional information

- Direct marketing


Device information

- Join sessions

Contact information

- Receive invitations to sessions

Contact (if you have provided us with your email), Additional and Cookie information

- Direct marketing

Cookie information

- Provide security measures


Contact (if you have provided us with your email) and Cookie information

- Direct marketing

Contact (if you have provided us with your email)

- Send you invoices

Contact information (if you have provided us with your phone number or email)

- Communicate with you

Cookie information

- Provide security measures

How long is my data stored


You can delete your Sessions and results when you are logged into our Application. You can delete your Account by sending us an email requesting it to


We store personal data for the time needed as described in this Privacy Policy. We may store personal data longer if required to fulfil legal requirements.

Changes to this Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy may change at any time due to laws and regulations and changes to our business. Changes will be posted on this page.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us here

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