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The meeting tool that helps you make better decisions faster

Nilo is an easy-to-use meeting tool that helps you involve and engage all participants and make better and more aligned decisions.

Explore a topic screen.png

Explore a topic

Brainstorm and develop ideas 

Structure ideas

Create clusters of related ideas

Make aligned decision

Evaluate and visualise the results 

Measure progress

Measure key metrics over time

Maximize your Meetings

Involve and engage all participants
Make clear, aligned decisions
Improve quality of output
Cut your meeting time by up to 50%

Nilo helps you turn loose ideas into aligned decisions

Explore a topic.png
Explore a topic

Identify challenges, solutions, activities or any other type of idea

Structure ideas.png
Structure ideas

Cluster related ideas to make them easy to work with

Prioritize and decide.png
Prioritize and decide

Evaluate your ideas and visualize the result to make more well-founded decisions

Measure progress.png
Measure progress

Measure key metrics over time to keep track of progression


The best decisions are made together

Nilo combines research on collaboration and facilitation with over 20 years of experience from management consulting to give you the perfect breeding ground for decision-making.

Psychologically safe environment
Involve everyone in the decision-making process
Eliminate social hierarchies
Improve knowledge-sharing

Make more informed business decisions through engagement and consensus

Image by Luke Chesser
Planning & Execution
Project Management
Operational Excellence
Risk Analysis
Change Management

Internalize your collective organizational knowledge

Leverage your collective IP by digitizing processes, frameworks and models in Nilo to help you internalize ways of working and improve quality across the entire organization.

With Nilo, you can use our templates based on research and best-practice methodology from 20+ years of experience. If you want, you can create your own and share it internally.

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Do you want a demo for you or your organisation?

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