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The future ways of working is digitally enhanced

Nilo enables you to amplify your current processes, frameworks and models with the latest research and technology in Nilo to drive stronger business outcomes.

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Unlock your organisation’s full potential

Leverage your organisation’s collective intelligence to build a better understanding, make better decisions, align stakeholders across teams and improve the outcome of your projects and initiatives.

Engage your employees.png
Engage your employees
Connect strategy with execution.png
Connect strategy with execution
Align focus and expectation across teams.png
Align focus and expectations across teams

Involve the organisation in deciding the WHAT and the HOW to improve employee engagement and quality of execution. 

Break down strategic plans into actionable implementation plans to bridge the gap between high-level strategising and execution. 

Visualise results and disagreement in real-time to create transparency and drive consensus decisions that ensure a united focus. 

Deliver faster with stronger outcomes.png
Improve business outcomes

Make the right decisions with the most impact on organisational performance through structured decision-making. 

Deliver faster.png
Deliver faster results

Develop solutions, solve problems and make decisions faster to save resources and reduce time to market.

Standardise ways of working.png
Standardise ways of working

Develop custom templates for your processes and provision them across your organisation to standardise ways of working and improve quality.


Templates for your use cases

Use our pre-built, customisable templates for risk analysis, project initiations, strategic planning, and more, or create your own templates and provision them across your organisation to standardise ways of working and improve quality. 

Designed for your ways of working

Accelerate analysis, planning and execution through structured collaboration and prioritisation that ensure you focus your efforts on what truly matters.


Identify and prioritise key activities that will help you achieve your goals


Secure digital collaboration

Nilo is a highly secure solution, designed for enterprise customers with higher security and privacy demands. 

  • All data is stored within the EU

  • Fully GDPR-compliant

  • Encrypted communication and data

  • User-access control


Hosting alternatives

Cloud hosting in AWS

Nilo is by default hosted in AWS cloud with all data being stored in the EU

Private cloud hosting

Nilo can be hosted by a cloud provider of your choice

On-premise hosting

For maximum control, Nilo can be hosted on your on-premise environment

Unlock your organisation's full potential

It's free, no credit card required

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