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Your digital management consultant that helps you work smarter

Nilo is an easy-to-use meeting facilitation tool that helps you identify key insights for improving analysis, planning and execution.

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The building blocks that make every meeting matter

Nilo comes with powerful collaboration features such as structured crowdsourcing, ratings and assessments, that allow you to explore any subject in-depth and identify key actions for execution.


Explore topics in-depth by gathering, developing and breaking down input.


Categorise ideas into groups to identify and visualise relationships.


Evaluate input and visualise the results to find the key insights. 


Build commitment by making consensus decisions and assigning concrete action points.

Make every meeting matter

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Psychological safety.png
Psychological safety
Eliminate group thinking.png
Unbiased decisions
Visualise results in real time.png
Real-time visualisations

Crowdsource input to improve quality and engagement and save time.

Anonymity creates a psychologically safe environment where everyone feels safe to share.

Have participants think and answer for themselves first to eliminate group thinking and personal bias. 

Visualise the results in real-time to improve transparency and drive alignment.

Facilitate meetings like a Pro

Give yourself the edge that makes you stand out in your meetings by using Nilo to gather, structure, develop and prioritise input and visualise the results to achieve jaw-dropping outcomes in a fraction of the time that your participants are used to.

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How to use Nilo in your meetings

Don’t let technology scare you. Nilo is easy-to-use and it only takes minutes to prepare a meeting.

Create a session.png
Create a session

Create a session from scratch or use a pre-built template and customise it by adding and editing activities. It’s easy and only takes minutes.

Start collaborating.png
Start collaborating

Invite participants and start the session by guiding the participants through each activity, just like slides in PowerPoint.

Export and share results.png
Export and share the results

With the click of a button, you have all the results beautifully visualised in a spreadsheet or a .csv-file, ready for import in tools such as Jira.

Pick up where you left off.png
Pick up where you left off

Didn’t have time to finish? No worries, you can come back to the session at any time and continue working.

Amplify your
ways of working

It's free, no credit card required

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