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Our mission is to
make every meeting matter

Use Nilo in meetings to turn loose ideas into concrete decisions. Nilo makes it easy for everyone to take part, improving knowledge-sharing and spurring better alignment and decision-making.

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We wanted to improve our own way of working

The idea behind Nilo

In 2019, in our work as management consultants, we were put in charge of a large cultural transformation program at a client consisting of a workshop series with stakeholders across teams and departments – All with different needs and perspectives.

We needed a way to efficiently gather and prioritise input while at the same time aligning the different stakeholders to work together towards the same goal.

After experimenting with different collaboration tools, we realised their enormous potential. We also realised that the tools out there didn’t completely fulfil our needs and that’s when the idea behing Nilo was born.

All Hands In

Powered by industry best practice, research and technology

Research from MIT, Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Arizona


Years of experience from management consulting and business development


Meetings facilitated for analysis, planning and execution

Your ways of working,
digitally enhanced

It's free, no credit card required

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