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The collaboration platform that helps you make the right decisions

Nilo is an easy-to-use collaboration platform that helps you identify key insights and activities to focus your efforts on.

Facilitating high-performance collaboration and engagement

Nilo’s research-based and structured collaboration process allows you to go from loose ideas to concrete decisions and engage all participants so you can make more informed and aligned decisions


Explore topics in-depth by gathering and developing input on different hierarchical levels.


Categorize ideas into groups to identify and visualize relationships.


Evaluate ideas and visualize the results to find the most important ideas.


Build commitment by making consensus decisions and assigning concrete action points.

Collaborate more efficiently in meetings

Give your meetings a collaboration boost. Use Nilo to gather, develop and prioritize ideas and visualize the results to help you make better consensus decisions.

How to use Nilo in your meetings

Use Nilo in physical, remote and hybrid meetings to boost collaboration, engagement and output. Invite participants to sessions and guide them through activities that build understanding and commitment.

Create a session

Create a session from scratch or use a pre-built template and customize it by adding and editing activities. It’s easy and only takes minutes.

Start collaborating

Invite participants and start the session by guiding the participants through each activity, just like slides in PowerPoint.

Export and share the results

With the click of a button, you have all the results beautifully visualized in a spreadsheet or a .csv-file, ready for import in tools such as Jira.

Pick up where you left off

Didn’t have time to finish? No worries, you can come back to the session at any time and continue working.

Make better decisions, faster

It's free, no credit card required

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